Data protection & tamper monitoring for your
laptops & PC's

Protect your sensitive corporate & customer data

The complete hardware & software solution.
Safeguard your business from the huge financial & and reputational cost caused by loss of sensitive data

  • Around the clock protection

    Your OnGard SmartBox will send an alert to your phone if your device is disconnected - 24/7

  • Zero maintenance

    The OnGard SmartBox is a 'fit-and-forget' device - it is self powered, self updated and self maintained.

  • Multiplatform

    App available for IOS, Android and Windows Phones.

  • Fast, easy setup

    Download the app to your phone and insert the OnGard smartbox into a power socket to set up.

  • Multiple devices

    You can easily create profiles for all of your corporate PC's & laptops and monitor them remotely on your phone

  • Extras:

    The OnGard SmartBox comes packaged with the world-class data protection from Intel Security to help you comply with ICO directives

How it works

Plug in the OnGard SmartBox and it will connect to your mobile via E/GPRS/3G/4G or Wi-Fi.
Receive an alert if your device is disconnected/taken.
Receive alert if your PC is accessed by someone else.
All alert data is saved to Amazon Secured Cloud.

Why do I need the OnGard SmartBox?

  • Data protection and compliance

    Theft of your computer or unauthorised access puts you and your business at risk of data protection non compliance. ICO recommends that all computers have 'physical and technical security' and 'be ready to respond to any breach of security swiftly and effectively'. Reference link here

    The OnGard SmartBox guards any unattended PC or Mac.

  • Unauthorised access

    If you are a CEO, CFO or HR professional you will have sensitive data on your work PC. Even if your PC is password protected there is still a risk of unauthorised access to your emails and files. OnGard will alert you if anyone attempts to access your PC/Laptop while you are away. You can then remotely disconnect your desktop PC screen giving you time to take appropriate action.

  • Types of business

    Any business or enterprise which manages sensitive data on their PC's and laptops. Regulated industries in the Financial Services sector. Surgeries with patient data. Accountants with private client details. Any business collecting customer/client data on PC's and laptops has a regulatory requirement to protect the data from unauthorised access. Password protection alone is no longer considered sufficient to be compliant.


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    thousand sold

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The OnGard SmartBox uses the latest IOT technology and is FULLY COMPLIANT with UK and EU legislation.
It is the smallest, and smartest, device on the market today and should not be confused with uncertified and potentially unsafe 'smart switches' sold online.

  • Business

    £44.99 min order 10 units
    • Technical support
    • Mobile app included
    • Ongoing app/firmware updates
    • Video background
    • Support
  • Enterprise

    £39.99 min order 100 units
    • Technical support
    • Mobile app included
    • Ongoing app/firmware updates
    • White labelling
    • Custom app design
  • Large Business

    White Label

    £29.99 min order 500
    • Technical support
    • Mobile app included
    • Ongoing app/firmware updates
    • White labelling
    • Custom app design
  • Best Value


    £3.99 each per month on contract
    • Technical support
    • Mobile app included
    • Ongoing app/firmware updates
    • White labelling - poa
    • Custom app design - poa

Why people use the OnGard SmartBox

OnGard SmartBox News

News and updates:

  • Firmware update installed successfully.

  • Android app updated.

    John Sedgemoor
  • European SmartBox available.


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